Sabtu, 13 April 2013

The Journey To Your Goals

By :  Nanci Wilkinson-Kurtz

No one can tell you what your goals should be.  That is a personal matter because only you know where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Think of your goals as a map of your life.  Your first step on your journey is to decide where you want to go.  Then you have to determine how you are going to get there.  In part, your second choice is going to be based on how quickly you want to reach your destination. and where your starting point is.
Although you can pick up clues from others, they cannot tell you how to travel yours because there are too many variables.  The exact destination, path and vehicle will be different for everyone.
On top of that, each persons life has variants in it and they will affect the path that is traversed.  Some will have a support system that will help move them toward their goals while others will meet with a great deal of resistance from the people in their circle of influence.  One will have a skill set that is conducive to faster momentum and the other may need to obtain the necessary skills along the way.  The path and the person travelling it will both change along the way.

This does not mean that guidance cannot be attained along the way.  Understand, though, that it is just that, guidance, it should never be misconstrued to be direction.
You, also, need to know that you will never be able to construct a perfect journey.  There will be bumps along the way that will cause you to make adjustments.  You have got to remain flexible and make adaptations as you go.
Being flexible and adaptive is only the tip of your journey's iceberg.  You have to move into a discovery mode where you can sense the changes that are occuring in you and in your path.
To enter the sensing mode of discovery you are going to have to turn off the thinking portion of your mind.  This is not to say that you should not put, thought, into what you are doing but you do need to acknowledge that you are not fully in control.
When you are in sensing mode you will notice things that are not otherwise known to you.  What you can't see is far more significant to your journey than what you can see.
Get yourself in a quiet spaqce at times along your path and listen to the small, still voice inside of you.  You may not get more than a momentary glimpse into the journey but even a fleeting sighting may propel you light-years into your future.

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