Senin, 15 April 2013

Learning Strategies to get better grades at school

 By : Lisa Klain

Everybody tries their level best to perform good at their academic studies, yet only a few find it easy to learn more and study less to make good grades. These few students are not the smarter ones; rather they are the students who exactly know how to learn things and how to get better grades. Learning is a serious job and if you are in a class with many students, learning also becomes a competitive job. Our desire to be at top doesn't let us feel happy with mere success in school examinations, rather we try to reach at top and gain best possible grades as describes at

You can easily get better grades in your school examination by following the better learning strategies that will make it possible for you to optimize your learning capacities and make the best use of your hard work. In order to succeed at school, it is not necessary that you should try to be a bookworm. Many of the students who always remain in touch of their books to memorize the formulae, theories and problem solving techniques often fails to get better grades. This is so because they keep trying to memorize things without interlinking the ideas behind the various topics and subjects and that doesn't allow them to learn things practically.

You may get average grades if you try hard to memorize things. Yet, if you really want to excel in your studies and to earn the topmost grades, you will need to play smart and intelligent. Memorizing things is not the correct process; rather you should try to make your mind active enough to make learning process easier than it is for the most of the students. With better learning approach, you will gain more time and confidence. This will let you take part in your social life and to enjoy other streams of learning like sports and recreational activities.

Proper learning strategy
Instead of locking yourself with books like a bookworm and trying to memorize every word of the book without actually understanding it, you need to follow the holistic manner of learning. Instead of wasting your energies in trying to rote memorize everything mentioned in your curriculum; you should start making connection between the ideas. There are many specific tactics to learn things in an easy manner. If you are willing to know more about the smarter and better learning strategies to learn more and study less please visit the website

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