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The Benefits of Teamwork

 By : Art Gib

Teams are characteristically made up of a group of people with similar values who are working together to accomplish common goals. Companies, athletic directors, schools and many other organizations all organize teams because of the many benefits that teamwork yields. 

 One of the most valued products of teamwork is its efficiency. In teams, work often gets done faster. Perhaps this is because large tasks can be broken down into smaller assignments that are then farmed out to individuals best suited for the job. Smaller tasks are also require less time and brain power so they are less wearing on the people working.

Another benefit of using teamwork is that unique skills are combined and utilized effectively. Everyone has different strengths. In teams, different strengths from several people can be combined and used to benefit the whole team and make a better product. Combining different skills also leads to increased creativity.

Teamwork also strengthens relationships and builds unity. Relationships are important because they help people communicate better with one another, and friendships contribute to job satisfaction. Support systems will be stronger too because people will feel more comfortable relying on each other. Individuals will also develop a better sense of responsibility when they are part of a team because team members depend on each other for success.

Team Building Techniques

When people have to work together, opportunities for team building are usually created, but not necessarily utilized. At work, people may be shy, bossy, independent or lazy and team building never really gets off the ground. A great way to practice the kind of teamwork that successful companies cultivate is to get your employees to play together.

A relaxed and fun environment can be just the catalyst you need to develop good relationships and between employees.

As they interact and communicate with each other, leaders, individual strengths, a sense of belonging, team spirit and trust will develop. These elements can all help grease the gears of teamwork. Once a group of people have learned how to enjoy each other and work together during play, it is much easier for them to employ the same skills in a company, school, or athletic environment.

Choosing the Right Kind of Fun Activities

If you are looking for fun team building activities, choose activities that involve a lot of people and require those people to work together. Forming many different teams to create a little competition helps raise enthusiasm too. A few good team building activities might include:

- Ropes Courses
- Relays
- River Rafting
- Sailing
- Scavenger Hunts
- Rock Climbing

This list is, by no means, exhaustive, but it does provide good examples of activities where people rely on each other and where individual contributions influence the success of the whole. Team Building can be really fun and the benefits of improving team work are certainly worth the effort.

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